Reef Cam


Ocean Guardians Reef Defense: 2014
Campaign Director: Peter jay Brown

OCEAN GUARDIANS: Bluerage reef program

Cameras watching wildlife is not new. “Cameras on reefs” is also not something we invented. The internet offers numerous choices of LIVE channels from eagles to beluga whales. People watch.

The underwater equipment needed has been too expensive at 25-50 thousand dollars a camera, and that does not include maintenance or hosting. Permanent location leases in fragile reef areas negotiated with DLNR take years for the application process to succeed, and there are no guarantees. Most commercial companies have given up… What OG offers is a better solution.

To begin, OG has applied for 10 reef location leases with the DLNR. At the moment this is for “show” to keep talking to DLNR, but we will very likely succeed. We will get a year “research” grant. After that, the DLNR will sell the reef locations/leases to the highest bidder. If reef cams are popular, there will be many bidders. DLNR will get what ever the market will bare, as is the law. The “special” lease application OG has applied for will give us a free year at each location. Our cameras will reach the largest audience possible before the bidding begins. Not to worry as the big boys won’t be able to compete… We have different clients. They have business interests, we like reefs… costly leases will gain nothing.

We will be so flexible and mobile, that we will be able to remain unregulated. I have read the laws. Regulations kick in for permits to occupy a location for 14 days or more… under 14 days is no regulation. We can reposition hourly and continue to send a live signal with nothing larger than a dive buoy. Tough to beat! Our low impact approach will catch on, and “permanent “ locations will become irrelevant except to issues dealing with exclusivity. Nature belongs to all!

Our area of specialty is thinking outside the box , and mobile broadcast units capable of broadcasting from multiple locations with easy maintenance and set up. We will do this with off the shelf equipment. Our first test camera unit is being built now and will be installed at dive site/reef on Maui. We will get a 14 day test period from DLNR. This camera will be flexible enough for us to move it around the site. The camera will transmit to a Snorkel Bob shop close by. We will attach our transmitter to pier super structure as per DLNR. An easy manageable set up to start.

We will announce the tests to a limited audience to start. Broadcasts will appear here on this screen.


For the tests we will be using the website as our viewing location. Future broadcasts can be linked to viewing platforms as we please. I will tend the original test camera daily for the test period. Future set ups will be self powered and operate 24/7 by land based crew. I feel that our “test” location will prove a permanent test site. Local partner 3Bears Inc will contract local talent and volunteers Mark McMillan, 3Bears Inc. is the Hawaiian partner on the lease application. While In Hawaii, OG is sharing office space with 3Bears Inc. as donated space.

I received DLNR permission to proceed and will be doing so immediately. I came here thinking I had a job to do, with SSCS and I am doing it. I will be going after sponsorship for cameras, especially for the future leases.

I am about to announce an NGO media campaign, Our “OG: eyes on the reefs” will be free of charge viewing to the public., and a way for people to get involved. Will begin to stream reef LIVE from around the islands. Other sites are being set up.

In a month’s time with some backing, I’ll be able to set up LIVE surveillance under water just about anywhere on these Islands and else where like we did in Taiji. To get involved as a sponsor email : . Thank you.